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Inspired Garden Artistry, IGA, began in 2000 when an impactful group of neighbors, sharing a love for gardening, decided that the View Park-Windsor Hills community deserved a Garden Tour. The inaugural Spring Garden Tour took place on the first Sunday in May of 2001 and showcased nine diverse garden landscapes. These private gardens highlighted backyard entertainment, different landscape designs and an array of colorful plant life thriving in the hills overlooking Los Angeles. This premiere event was affectionately named Blooms With A View by the Los Angeles Times.


Thousands of garden tour visitors have enjoyed the bi-annual garden tours for close to 20 years making the Spring Garden Tour the community's longest running event. The community feel engulfs Monteith Park, decked out with plant and art vendors, as the neighborhood is abuzz with residents and community guests visiting private gardens. The garden tour has quickly become a community treasure and now extends its reach to embrace private gardens in the areas of View Park, Windsor Hills, View Heights and Ladera Heights. 


Funds raised from the Spring Garden Tour continue to pay it forward and enhance the community.  Our community involvement shows up in the form of direct donations to local groups, health & wellness event and beautification projects.  These beautification projects take place in the public community spaces, schools gardens and neighborhood curb appeal endeavors.


Our committee looks forward to many more years of garden tours and community involvement.



Mission Statement


Inspired Garden Artistry promotes community connectivity and pride, inspires creativity and beautification, showcases diversity, provides learning experiences and builds and maintains partnerships. We engage people to experience creative landscapes and transfer our love of nature to help unify our neighborhoods and collective communities.


We do this by teaching the art of gardening, providing community enhancing activities and supporting information to encourage conservation efforts, smart gardening, urban farming and beautification. 


Meet the IGA Team


Van Bell

Garden Coordinator

Kathy Brinn

Technical Coordinator

Norman Edwards

Finance Coordinator

Lorinee Jackson

Community Liaison

Opal Lyseight

Project Coordinator

Adrienne Mayberry

Volunteer Coordinator

Beverly Newton

Master Gardener

Felicia Smith

Social Media Coordinator

Michelle Sorey

Marketing Coordinator

Inspired Garden Artistry

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