10th Anniversary Garden Tour May 3, 2020
10th Anniversary Garden TourMay 3, 2020

The Garden Tour

In 2001 a small group of neighbors decided our community deserved a Garden Tour.
A number of them were accustomed to going to garden tours in other areas and knew we had many lovely and diverse gardens right here at home.  It was an immediate hit within the area! People loved viewing the gardens, but also really enjoyed the feeling of community that was pervasive when walking or driving from home to home, not only loving the beauty of the gardens, but also seeing so many neighbors and friends in such a beautiful spirit. It’s hard to be unhappy when all those around you are filled with joy! 
We have developed friendships and seen so many others blossom as a result of our area Garden Tour. The feeling of community has deepened and many friendships have been formed. Other activities have also developed, such as Movie Nights and Jazz Concerts in the Park. 
Our committee looks forward to many more years of Garden Tours and community involvement.

Future Events

Heath & Wellness Funfest - 7/20/19 - Mind, Body and Sourl Environment

10th Bi-Annual Anniversary Garden Tour - 5/3/2020

 ▪ IGA will celebrate 20 years of beautification efforts in the View Park Windsor Hills, View Heights and Ladera Heights communities.  Please be sure to join us as a participant or volunteer.

Inspired Garden Artistry Team

Garden Angels and Heroes

Van Bell * Kathy Brinn * Norman Edwards * Lorinee Jackson * Opal Lyseight * Adrienne Mayberry * Beverly Newton * Felicia Smith * MiChelle Sorey


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Photo Gallery

Want to see what Inspired Garden Artistry has done for other tour events? Our gallery is complete with photos from past events.

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Health & Wellness Funfest




Inspired Garden Artistry provides quality of life events. We hope to "inspire" you to nurture the beautification of your community and surrounding areas.

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