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Opportunities to reach over 5,000 residences within View Park/Windsor Hills/Ladera Heights  and surrounding communities.

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“Blooms With a View"



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Welcome to Inspired Garden Artistry!

IGA understands the value of keeping our community healthy.  We have created our events to support health and well-being in our community.

                                                     Sunday May 3, 2020                                                        Join us for our 10th Bi-Annual Spring Garden Tour

Bi-annual Spring Garden Tour

Join us for this unique self guided "Spring Garden Tour & Vendor Fair"


This unique experience gives a private showing of several backyard gardens.  Our tour takes you through one of the most diverse landscapes in the Southern California.  Each home has its own signature appeal and unique radiance.  With all of the homes in a 3 mile radius this gives our particpants an opportunity to make friends, shop at the vendor park and enjoy a beautiful community.       

Visit all backyards or just a few.  Rain or shine.

Video/Photography Policy

Portions of this event may be photographed and videotaped for use by Inspired Garden Artistry at its sole discretion.


Any or all attendees of the event may be videotaped and/or photographed while in attendance and attendees will not be compensated in any fashion for the use of this material or its image or likeness.


We trust your discretion in the use of photography at this event.

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