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Welcome to Inspired Garden Artistry!

Spring Garden Tour - May 6th 2018

Vendor Fair at Monteith Park 4616 S. Mullen Ave L.A. 90043

Sun :

10:00 am - 05:00 pm

Featuring: County and City Agencies, Landscape Architects, Specialty Vendors, Will Call/Ticket Sales

2018  Garden Tour Signature Plant

Blooms With A View – 2018 Signature Plant

Garden Artistry

Calandrinia grandiflora also known as Rock Purslane, rises out of a rosette of succulent gray-green leaves. The long stems bear many buds on shorter stems which open sequentially into brilliant purple, poppy-like flowers, their centers filled with golden stamens. 

Calandrinia plants are very easy to care for as they can tolerate prolonged dry periods. They do not like too much water, especially in the winter. Plants will grow in hot conditions. You can easily propagate by taking cuttings or allow plants to self-seed. 

This hardy low growing beauty reaches heights from 6 to 18 inches.  From the middle of spring to late summer it blooms with hundreds of bright purple flowers.  They are ideal, ground cover and edging plants, they can also be used in rockeries and pots. 

Join us in the Vendor Park to receive a clipping or a plant for your yard.  

Bi-annual Spring Garden Tour

Join us for this unique self guided "Spring Garden Tour & Vendor Fair"


This unique experience gives a private showing of several backyard gardens.  Our tour takes you through one of the most diverse landscapes in the Southern California.  Each home has its own signature appeal and unique radiance.  With all of the homes in a 3 mile radius this gives our particpants an opportunity to make friends, shop at the vendor park and enjoy a beautiful community.       

Visit all backyards or just a few.  Rain or shine.

Video/Photography Policy

Portions of this event may be photographed and videotaped for use by Inspired Garden Artistry at its sole discretion.


Any or all attendees of the event may be videotaped and or photographed while in attendance and attendees will not be compensated in any fashion for the use of this material in its image or likeness.


We trust your discretion in the use of photography at this event.

Inspired Garden Artistry Team

Garden Angels and Heroes

Van Bell ▪ Kathy Brinn ▪ Norman Edwards  Lorinee Jackson ▪ Opal Lyseight Adrienne Mayberry ▪ Beverly Newton ▪ Felicia Smith ▪ MiChelle Sorey


2018 Donations will be made to: Wayfinders Family Services 



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Photo Gallery

Want to see what Inspired Garden Artistry has done for other tour events? Our gallery is complete with photos from past events.

Event Prices

2018 Spring Garden Tour

$20 before 4/29/18
Will Call/Tickets:Monteith Park 4616 S. Mullen Ave.

Children 10 & under FREE



Inspired Garden Artistry provides quality of life events. We hope to "inspire" you to nurture the beautification of your community and surrounding areas.

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