10th Anniversary Garden Tour May 3, 2020
10th Anniversary Garden TourMay 3, 2020

Featured Gardens

Five yards are handicap accessible, indicated on the purchased tickets


All Gardens titled from Earth Wind and Fire song book


“Let’s Groove”


Designed recently with the help of MB Landscaping, this garden has an open-air casual lounge atmosphere. Soothing sounds emanating from three impressive stacked-flagstone infinity waterfalls welcome you to come in and relax. A beautiful planked redwood lighting feature lines the top of the garden wall illuminating the raised beds below, planted with a liquid amber tree, a standard mallow, firesticks, asparagus fern, yellow potentilla, purple statice, goldfish plants and cascading potato vines. A lush grass area provides a place for Hazel and Benson, the homeowner’s cherished canines, to romp. 


“African Symphony”


Take in this tropical Ladera Heights retreat. King and queen palms, banana trees, pulmeria, enormous staghorn fern and a privacy wall created by variegated yellow-striped clumping bamboo set the backdrop of this garden oasis. In the center are a pool with built-in sitting stools and a dramatic architectural waterfall situated over the Jacuzzi. Enjoy artfully displayed sculptures, pottery and a colorful wall mosaic. Orchids abound, and with four strategic seating areas you can view a bit of paradise from any section of the garden.


“Kalimba Tree”


Enjoy the serenity of the front area as your eyes rest on the gravel path. In the backyard a grand bird-of-paradise takes center stage, and a built-in stone fire pit will bring warmth. Vibrant colors burst from purple salvia and star jasmine plants draping the wall, while gold and fuchsia bougainvillea provide a perfect canopy over the pergola for dining alfresco. Behind the garage are raised cedar box vegetable beds. To quench the thirst of these plants, rainwater is collected in rain barrels. This California casual garden is adorned with senecio, flax, agave, sweet pea, fire pencil plants, and citrus trees, just to name a few.


“Yearnin’ Learnin’ “


Visit a premiere SoCal, Water-Wise Smart, Residential Turf Removal Program yard make-over by Floral Palace Landscape Design. This brand new garden has had the turf replaced with water-wise landscaping, ornamental grasses, shrub plantings, succulents and other California-friendly drought tolerant plants. A welcoming sitting area, meadow and a child’s play space with a trampoline comprise this enjoyable small garden. For more information on rebate and water conservation for Los Angeles City residents, go to www.Socalwatersmart.com.


“Build Your Nest”


This Xeriscape garden boasts a drought-tolerant front yard of decomposed granite, a flame tree, agaves, and fire plants. A mixed use garden nestled in the rear has three garden rooms. A hen coop tucked behind the garage for five egg- laying chickens named after the homeowner’s aunts. While relaxing in a hammock or on a picnic bench, lunch is close at hand, with fig trees, 10 different types of heirloom tomatoes, blueberry bushes, eggplant, and pineapple guava, for example. Raised beds hold a variety of sedum and succulents, and two wispy Palo Verde trees are all part of this desert scape.


“Boogie Wonderland”


You’re greeted by a lovely front English garden, scented with lavender, salvia, daisies, iceberg roses and hibiscus. There’s a secret in this front yard; can you figure it out? As you meander down the side pathway to the backyard, you realize you’ve left England and entered Neverland with a fort, campground, barn, schoolhouse, and play area with swings, rings, and a punching bag. Fruit trees pepper the yard including mango, Jamaican guava and sugar cane. The entertaining hardscape patio, allows the adults to have fun while keeping watch on little ones.




In this spilt-level garden where traditional meets rustic eclectic, you’ll discover a treasure trove of rare gems. Level one showcases a dining area on a brick-paved patio where you can view the charm of the entire yard. Artful pots and urns of all shapes and sizes are scattered throughout the garden overflowing with a variety of succulents. An ornamental gate leads you to a goldfish pond and a quaint resting place. On the lower levels you’ll see an urban fruit orchard, an interestingly shaped fig, and a large avocado tree. Journey through this garden, notice the collectables from yesteryear




The charm of this English Tudor style home provides a picture perfect spot for afternoon tea while seated in an ornate iron chair. This two-tiered yard with a boxwood lined patio is encircled by iceberg roses, delicate strawberries, asparagus fern and fruit trees galore. Stone fruit trees such as Satsuma plum, peach, cherry as well as Fuji apple line the fence, while citrus trees are sprinkled throughout the yard. Nestled in the center of the yard, rests a statue of a graceful guardian angel. The homeowner has truly worked to give the feeling of a true English style garden.




Enjoy this eclectic, metro-modern, entertaining garden with distinctive layers and color combinations of chartreuse, chocolate, yellow and a touch of Bruin blue, landscaped by Robinson Environmental Design. Old railroad ties anchor the hillside with silver sheen, New Zealand flax, and Chinese magnolias. The sophisticated seating area, outdoor fireplace, and iPad operated multimedia system ensure relaxation. Palms, bird-of-paradise, canna lilies, and the large fan affixed to a redwood arbor mimic the feel of the tropics.

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10th Bi-Annual Anniversary Garden Tour - 5/3/2020

 ▪ IGA will celebrate 20 years of beautification efforts in the View Park Windsor Hills, View Heights and Ladera Heights communities.  Please be sure to join us as a participant or volunteer.

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