10th Anniversary Garden Tour May 3, 2020
10th Anniversary Garden TourMay 3, 2020

Homes - Titled with Temptations Songs




2018 Garden Tour Featured Home

Garden 1 - “Psychedelic Shack”


This hacienda’s outdoor gallery commands an eclectic display of art and antiques.  Splashes of color will catch your eye, from hand-painted tile and pottery to vibrant art pieces, as well as an array of bougainvillea, mandevilla vine and other flowers flanked by a plush carpet of grass. The garden’s music blows loudly and beautifully.


Garden 2 - “Runaway Child Running Wild“


Stairways lead you on the adventure of this sprawling hillside utopia.  Multiple sections and seating areas allow you to enjoy the garden’s California rustic flavor from many vantage points. Covering the slope are cape honeysuckle, apple betty, agave and a myriad of mature fruit trees.  Overseeing from above are the resident life-sized giraffe and elephant that transport your mind to safari locations.


Garden 3 - “Standing On The Top”


Architectural designs make great use of this triangular space. Drought tolerant plants assembled in modern lines promote an urban contemporary layout. Multi-level views, fire pit lounge area and recreational entertainment promote a fun-filled rooftop garden space enticing gathering.


 Garden 4 - “Treat Her Like a Lady”


Experience the charm of a cottage-style garden in shades of white, lavender and pink.  The pergola, laced with climbing roses and wisteria, along with a fountain and statues of Greek goddesses, embrace you with a romantic feel. Fragrant flowers attract fluttering butterflies, hummingbirds and an occasional garden fairy.       


Garden 5 - “Beauty Is Only Skin Deep”


This corner lot makes splendid use of its many dimensions to promote areas for leisure living. Behold the expansive views and multiple textures in hues of green that remind you of a South African peace garden.  A playhouse amongst the shade of weeping willows serves as a child’s imaginary retreat.


Monteith Park 6 §  Vendors & More - “Smiling Faces Sometimes”

Free Vendor Park is filled with great works of art as far as the eye can see.  Don’t miss the Plant and Pot Swap and Potting Bar, Children’s workshop with Home Depot demonstration, Music and Food Truck. Restrooms for the event are located at the park.

Garden 7 - “Cloud Nine”

A dichotomy of succulents and lush trees are a prominent feature of this garden, making an encore appearance from our 2001 tour. A lavish haven filled with hidden surprises displays the homeowners’  knack for artistic recycling. The Mediterranean courtyard has hosted many, enjoying a glass or two of wine from the garden creator’s private winery.  Challenging terrain creates limited viewing.

Garden 8 - “Just My Imagination”

View a modern garden to be enjoyed by day or night. It offers a Zen-inspired make-over with a palm-lined city vista. Plantings of Mexican sage grass surround the pea gravel patio with Edison lights strung above.  Pops of bright color accentuate the black VIP cabana, making for a perfect afternoon of relaxing.  

Garden 9 - “I Wish It Would Rain”


Follow pathways of decomposed granite through a desert oasis of calm intrigue. A mixture of drought tolerant and tropical landscaping all blend perfectly with fig, lemon, papaya and avocado trees.  Adding to the charm and comfort of this inviting space are a water feature, firepit and several seating areas, helping escape the city hustle and bustle.


Garden 10 - “You’re My Everything”


Vibrant cobalt azure walls set the tone for this southwest retreat. Relaxation and entertaining are the two hallmarks of this garden. A beautifully crafted pergola shaded by agonis trees covers the outdoor kitchen and seating area.  Drought tolerant plantings accentuate this Spanish-style home.

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